Human Medicines

We stock a wide range of quality human medicines. From prescription only medicines to non-prescription medicines such as pain killers, anti-acids, vitamins/supplements and cough/flu syrups.

Our experienced and dedicated Pharmacists will help you get the most appropriate products according to your needs.

Medical Devices

Sylkay Pharmacy stocks a wide variety of the latest and highest quality medical devices from top brand manufacturers such as blood pressure monitoring machines, sugar/glucose testing machines, pulse oximeters, stethoscopes and thermometers.

Our staff are on standby to help you select the most appropriate medical device that suits your needs.

Agro-Vet Products

We stock a wide range of agricultural pesticides and products. We also stock a wide range of quality veterinary medicines and animal parasite control chemicals and disinfectants.


We specialize in supplying human and veterinary medicines, cosmetics and beauty products,
medical supplies and mobility equipment, medical devices and Pharmacist consultation.

Medical/ Surgical Supplies

Sylkay stocks a variety of surgical supplies such as cotton wool, strapping, surgical spirit, gloves, surgical blades and first aid kits.

Mobility Equipment

Sylkay Pharmacy stocks a wide range of the latest mobility equipment that include manual wheelchairs and walking aids such as walkers, canes, and crutches. Our staff are on standby to help you find the most appropriate mobility solution for your stability and safety needs.

Mother & Baby Care

We stock a wide range of mother and baby care products from baby formulas, feeding bottles, nappies, soaps, lotions and toiletries to mother’s pre-natal supplements, maternity and breast pads, breast pumps etc.


We stock a wide variety of cosmetics and beauty products, from products such as foundations to eyeshadows, nail varnish, body lotions, hair and hair products, perfumes and soaps. We know that when it comes to skin care, our clients want something that is gentle enough for everyday use and suitable for the entire family. Our cosmetics and beauty care products offer excellent value for money and our cosmetologists are on stand by to help you.

Pest Control Chemicals

We supply a wide range of quality pest control chemicals and provide the highest quality pest control services ensuring total elimination of all pests and rodents.

Pharmacy Consultancy

The sylkay group of companies with it’s team of experts drawn from various professions and academic backgrounds offers pharmacy consultancy and research in the following and other areas/fields related to pharmacy such as; 1. Pharmaceutical (Retail/wholesale/industrial) business planning, implementation and management. 2. Pharmaceutical supply chain management. 3. Pharmacy education and research. 4. Pharmaceutical product dossier preparation and registration. 5. Ethical marketing and promotion of pharmaceuticals. You can count on us for any of your staff retraining and pharmacy consultancy services.