Welcome to the digital world of ePharmacy. Sylkay Pharmacy is proud to be the pioneer of this great innovation in Zambia as we strive to bring excellent and affordable pharmaceutical products and services.

What is ePharmacy?

ePharmacy refers to the existence of an online pharmacy that offers pharmaceutical care providers the ability to supply requested medications to patients via the internet. These medications can be ordered by clients within the comfort of their homes or offices and then delivered to their doorstep. In some, cases prescriptions can be filled without a Pharmacist ever having physical contact with the patient.

How ePharmacy Works

Online pharmacy provides an internet/mobile-based application for consumers, where they can upload the scanned copy of the prescription and easily place their requests for medicines. Consumers can also directly place orders for non-prescription medicines and other products from the pharmacy.

These products can then be prepared and delivered right to the door of the client. Before the delivery of medicine to the consumer, every order received is to be verified and checked by registered pharmacists.

The online pharmacy also called ePharmacy is the most convenient and quick shop for a consumer to get medicines over the internet. The benefits of online pharmacy include among others;

Benefits of ePharmacy

It serves a convenient way of buying medicine for elderly people with chronic conditions that need prescription refills, physically challenged people and working professionals, due to the difficulty for them to go to a local pharmacy, Also convenient for any client who desires to save money and time as well as clients looking for a wider range of products.

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